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Slimline Wedge Lumbar Support

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Product Overview

The Slimline Wedge Provides slight pelvic tilt to properly align the knees and hips for enhanced comfort.

Back pain is a common issue, often caused by poor posture whilst sitting for long periods of time. Many musculoskeletal conditions can be easily improved or even solved. We have many different types of lumbar support cushions and wedges that are designed to improve your posture by supporting you whilst travelling in the car, at home or at work.

  • Gently sloped angle to rotate pelvis and relieve lower back strain
  • Plush, hard wearing, washable velour cover
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Medium firmness - the wedge supports the user appropriately but is soft enough to be comfortable while sitting
  • Width: 355mm
  • Depth: 380mm
  • Height: 90mm at rear
  • Weight: 269 grams


(No reviews yet) Write a Review