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About Us

OOScare Ergonomics is wholly New Zealand owned and operated and has been part of the New Zealand ergonomic market since 1985. Our warehouse is located in Wellington and our policy on receipt of an order, is for same-day dispatch where possible. Delivery of small items such as keyboards or mice takes 1-2 working days but larger items such as chairs and desks take longer.
Our showroom is open from 9.00am - 4.30pm, Monday-Friday, where we have a wide selection of ergonomic equipment on site to try and buy, including keyboards, mice, desk accessories, ergonomic office chairs and more.

OOScare's founding company - Metrolink Trading Limited - was formed in 1985 as an importer, manufacturer and exporter of quality furniture and equipment for the workplace. It is still fully New Zealand owned and operated. In 1993 the company recognised the opportunities presented by the fledgling ergonomic equipment market and in 1998 established OOScare Ergonomics as a direct support operation for occupational therapists and organisational health and safety officers. These professionals were reacting to the public need for answers to the problems of RSI (repetitive strain injury) or OOS (occupational overuse syndrome).

The few products available in the market at that time, such as ergonomic chairs, raise and lower mechanisms and Ergorest arm supports, were mostly imported. As improved interaction took place between OOScare and its customers, more and more products were manufactured locally and innovative ideas were incorporated to meet the specialised needs of the New Zealand workplace. Research and development is a substantial part of the business activity at OOScare Ergonomics. New technology in raw materials as well as components provide ongoing, exciting opportunities for product innovation. The New Zealand designed and manufactured Metro 490 keyboard mechanism for adjusting a desk platform and the Eyeliner raise and lower platform were unique world firsts.

Growth initially was slow but the experience that OOScare gained by maintaining a close relationship with its customers meant additional products were added to the OOScare stable and also the Metro range, which in turn provided the ability to increase distribution throughout New Zealand and overseas. Major institutions such as government departments and banks were a key to the growth, as they accepted they had a responsibility to their workforce for health in the workplace and were prepared to invest in the health and safety of their employees.

Today ergonomic equipment means more than just a chair which can raise or lower. Quality ergonomic equipment provides numerous solutions, including multi-function chair action; desks that can be electrically raised and lowered and separate platforms to provide the user with alternating "sit and stand" positions; and centrally positioned copyholders in both steel and transparent acrylic, to eliminate twisting the head and enabling the user to have the screen at the correct focal length. Also footrests, monitor platforms, laptop stations, wrist and keyboard rests, Ergorest arm supports, mice for various user demands, ergonomic keyboards, numeric pads, and telephone accessories - to name a few - are all available for purchase on this website.

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Delivery of small items such as keyboards or mice takes 1-2 working days but larger items such as chairs and desks take longer.”