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Morfit Adjustable Lumbar Support

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Product Overview

Morfit Convertible is an ergonomic lumbar support specifically designed for driving comfort but can be used in any seating situation to provide improved posture. Available in both manual and electric models.

Easy to set up and use, Morfit Convertible provides firm, slim, millimeter perfect support because it moulds to fit you individually. Morfit uses particle jamming technology to shape itself to fit you to your car seat or favourite chair at home. Unlike memory foam, it remembers your unique shape. The elastic back straps allow Morfit to be removed if another person wants to use the seat. Morfit Electric is fully adjustable at the press of a button.

  • Vertical and horizontal straps - elastic and adjustable
  • Active material: Morfit®'s Interlock Foam™
  • Cover: 3D mesh. Removable. Machine/hand washable
  • ORIGINAL - Interlock Foam™ dual pump: Manual – no batteries required. WEATHERPROOF
  • ELECTRIC - Battery: 3.7V. Rechargeable. Li-ion. INDOOR ONLY
  • Warranty: 1 year
    • Dimensions: 593 x 300 mm
    • Net weight: 420g
    • Lumbar support dimensions: 590 x 300 mm
    • Lumbar support net weight: 460g
    • Electric pump unit dimensions: 120 x 54 x 32 mm
    • Electric pump unit net weight: 200g



(No reviews yet) Write a Review