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    Ergonomic Office Solutions--Healthy work position


Our computer operator is a good example of a healthy seating position when using your computer.

1. The viewing distance is approximately the length of an outstretched arm.

2. The screen is raised to get a horizontal line of sight to the top of the glass. Search this web site codes 741... and 75D...for monitor raisers.

3. The chair is ergonomic with an adjustable back Search this web site codes 72...for ergonomic chairs and can be raised to allow the wrist to drop onto a keyboard Search this web site codes 22... for ergonomic keyboards

4.  For greater lumbar support a lumbar roll or back pad can be attached for more comfort Search this web site codes 27....for lumbar pads.

5.  The upper body and femur should be at right angle Search this web site codes 72... for a chair which has an adjustable seat pan.

6.   The knee joint should be at 90° and if your feet are not on the floor get a footrest Search this web site codes 73.....for footrests.



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    Ergonomic Office Solutions--Vertical Mice.

To reduce strain while mousing we recommend you use a VERTICAL mouse. A true VERTICAL mouse provides good pronation by forcing your forearm bones into a more parallel position.

Pronation is the vertical angle of the wrist from the horizontal. Also called vertical tenting.

An angle changes from horizontal to vertical when it passes through 45°. Therefore by definition a vertical mouse must provide a pronation of at least 45°.

Ooscare Ergonomics offers 13 different brands of ergonomic mice which total 52 models (right and left hand, wired and wireless and Bluetooth).

Of these we classify 7 brands meet the definition of VERTICAL Mouse. The 7 Vertical brands have 27 models to choose from.

Click on this link to view 2 pages of VERTICAL mice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ooscare Ergonomics 210707

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