SPECIAL NOTICE:  On 16 July 2021 our premises were inundated with water from the flooded Kaiwharawhara stream. Currently we are sweeping mud and water from the ground floor and removing any stock which has been contaminated or damaged by the water. This also includes our delivery van.

Fortunately because many of our ergonomic products are small items they are warehoused on shelving above the waist level flood and we can therefore continue to supply.

We have ordered replacement stock and hopefully will see this arriving from next week.

We are still able to accept your orders and will still be able to deliver most products immediately. Where there is a delay we will advise and our expectation is to be back to our usual fantastic service by the end of the month.

   Ergonomic Office Solutions--Vertical Mice.

To reduce strain while mousing we recommend you use a VERTICAL mouse. A true VERTICAL mouse provides good pronation by forcing your forearm bones into a more parallel position.

Pronation is the vertical angle of the wrist from the horizontal. Also called vertical tenting.

An angle changes from horizontal to vertical when it passes through 45°. Therefore by definition a vertical mouse must provide a pronation of at least 45°.

Ooscare Ergonomics offers 13 different brands of ergonomic mice which total 52 models (right and left hand, wired and wireless and Bluetooth).

Of these we classify 7 brands meet the definition of VERTICAL Mouse. The 7 Vertical brands have 27 models to choose from.

Click on this link to view 2 pages of VERTICAL mice.      

https://ooscare.co.nz/search.php?page=2&section=product&search_query=vertical                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ooscare Ergonomics 210707

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