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Morfit Lumbar support                                                                                        Order Code   27CM

MAIN POINTS;  Morfit Convertible is a new ergonomic lumbar support specifically designed for driving comfort but can be used in any seating situation to provide improved posture

MORE INFORMATION:   Easy to set up and use, Morfit Convertible provides firm, slim, millimetre perfect support because you mould it to fit you individually. Simply follow the instructions in the manual. Morfit uses particle jamming technology to shape itself to fit you to your car seat or favourite chair at home. The elastic back straps allow Morfit to be removed if another person wants to use the seat.

If your car seat doesn’t support your ‘neutral’ standing posture, your spine will slump backwards into the seat, eventually leading to back stiffness and/or pain. A portable lumbar support can correct your posture and prevent pain– but only if it’s the right shape to fill the exact gap between your seat and your back.

The magic of Morfit is that it morphs to fit your unique shape. It gives you exactly the right support in all the right places.

Warranty:   1 year

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