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A proved alternative where finger clicking is restricted

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MAIN POINTS;   A proved alternative where finger clicking is restricted.

Foot pedals are an excellent option for offloading work from an overused finger or hand. The mainuse is for activating mouse clicks but the applications are endless. They are used in call centers for tabbing between fields, activating macros for often used key combinations or phrases, commonly used keys etc… 

MORE INFORMATION: The new Savant Elite2 does not require any special drivers for programming and is compatible on virtually any operating system. The foot pedals are pre-programmed to activate mouse actions but can be easily re-programmed to activate any key action, mouse clicks (including double-left) and/or macros. 

Programming: To program the foot pedal there is a recessed switch located on the underside of the devices which you slide from Play to Programming Mode this creates a virtual removable disk (VRD) named KINESIS-FP on your computer or tablet. In the Active Folder resides a small text file name “pedals.txt.” This is the file used to configure the device. Almost all operating systems have the ability to load and edit plain or simple text, and that is why it is compatible with most operating systems without the use of special drivers.

Savant Elite2 uses generic HID (human interface device) drivers provided by the operating system. It can be operated and programmed without any special drivers in most environments supporting USB devices, including the following operating systems with an available USB port:

  • In Play Mode the Savant Elite2 emulates a generic keyboard and mouse. In Programming Mode it emulates a generic keyboard and removable disk. Programming Mode requires generic OS support for a removable disk, plus a text editing program or app that can edit and save a file as “plain text” or “simple text.” Most word processing and text editing programs have this capability. Macintosh OS X notes: OS X doesn’t support middle mouse button without using a third party driver such as that found at Also, modifier actions from one USB device cannot modify the input of a second USB device due to limitations designed into the Apple operating system. Example: Shift, Control, Command, or Option keystrokes programmed into the foot pedal cannot modify the input of a separate USB keyboard or mouse. However, a key sequence like ‘Cmd-W’ or ‘Cmd-Shift-left arrow’ will work on a Macintosh if the entire sequence of keystrokes has been programmed into the foot pedal.
  • Also available as a triple foot pedal with a jack port to accept a 4th pedal (which are the maximum that can be used)


Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Chrome

Warranty: 2 years

Connectivity: Plug & Play USB 2.0

Width:   69mm

Depth:   94mm

Height:   28mm

Weight:   .77Kg

Cable length   3.4metres


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