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Wireless Newtral 3 Vertical Mouse

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Product Overview

The Newtral 3 Mouse is designed to provide ergonomic support for the palm and thumb. The 33° outward angle of the mouse body helps to reduce pronation of the forearm, a common risk factor for fatigue and pain in the forearm and hand. The design of the Newtral 3 Mouse encourages you to rest your hand on the mouse rather than trying to grip it.

Choose the size mouse for you:

To get the right size of mouse for best fit, measure from the top of the middle finger to the crease where the wrist meets the hand. Choose a small size if you are below 165 mm. If you are between 165 mm to 180 mm choose the medium size. If you are over 180 mm choose the large size. If borderline try the smaller size.

The Newtral 3 is available in three options, Right Hand Large (Order Code 20GN3LW), Right Hand Medium (Order Code 20GN3MW) and Left Hand Medium (20GN3MWL) - all wireless models

  • Six-Button Functionality: The Newtral 3 Mouse offers PC users access to the standard left, right and middle click options as well as back and forward buttons for the thumb, and a scroll wheel. Note: Mac users do not have access to the thumb button functions.
  • Adjustable DPI: Multiple DPI settings (four on the wired model and three on the wireless models) allow users to select the pointer sensitivity that best suits their work patterns and the needs of the task.
  • Two Configuration Options: The standard configuration is the "Precision Grip" that offers fingertip control for designers and gamers. Attaching the included "Ergo-Grip Flange" offers comfort and efficiency for general office or administration work.
  • Programmable: Users can select from a wide range of actions or even program Hot Key combinations and assign these to any of the six buttons. The driver can store up to 5 complete pre-programmed profiles. Additional customization options include the option of customizing the pre-set DPI settings and changing the polling rate.
  • Compatibility: PC: Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP. Mac: Mac OS 9, Max OS X (10.2.8 or later) (Button function cannot be programmed, and no function for side buttons for MAC system) Linux.
  • Battery included: 1 x AA
  • Connectivity: Plug & Play USB 2.0, CD included to customise the 6 button function.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • DPI settings: DPI 800, 1600, 2400
  • Range: 2.4 GHz: range 10 metres
  • Width: 78 mm and with palm support 104 mm
  • Length: 114 mm and with palm support 168 mm
  • Height: 53 mm
  • Weight: 110 grams and with batteries 150 grams



(No reviews yet) Write a Review