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R-Go Numeric Pad wired

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Product Overview

R-Go Numeric Pad Wired Slim Black                                   Order Code 23RGON

MAIN POINTS;   R-Go Numeric pad allows you to position the small number keyboard to the left or right wherever you wish while in use and move away when not required. The combination of the R-Go Numeric keypad and the R-Go Compact Keyboard lets you use a mouse up close, as the keyboard width is reduced and the likelihood of shoulder abduction is minimised. An attractive and ergonomic method of using a Keyboard and a number pad as required.

MORE INFORMATION:   The R-Go Numeric Keyboard has a break indicator controlled by the R-Go Break Software. The LED light at the top of the keyboard changes colour as you work to indicate you how healthy you are working. When the light turns green, it means you are working healthily. Orange indicates it is time for a short break and red indicates you have missed a break. This gives you positive feedback on your break behaviour.


Compatibility; Windows, Mac, Linux

USB version;   USB C / USB mini (including converter to USB A)

Installation; Plug & play

Length: 139 mm

Width:   87 mm

Height:   10.5 mm

Weight   96 gram

Product material: Aluminium

Colour: Black

Warranty: 2 years

Connection:   Wired

Cable length: 1500 mm

Bar Code 8719274491439

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review