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Stool Genie Fabric high lift with glides

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Product Overview

Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand.

Genie adjustable Perching stool Quantum Black fabric                                                                                                     Order Code   72EF6

MAIN POINTS;   Perching is great! A mixture of sitting and standing, perching is higher sitting with body weight supported by a stool as well as your legs on the floor. The Perching Stool is ideal as “a seat to perch on.” Not to be confused with an Architect/Draughting chair which is set high and has a ring footrest. The growth of the Sit/Stand desk highlights a need for a stool to lean on rather than a normal chair.

MORE INFORMATION: Some postures are better than others. NASA has defined a ‘neutral body posture’ which is half way between sitting and standing as it balances musculature between front and back of the body. This position is used in the martial arts and in the Alexander Technique (position of mechanical advantage).

If you work at a higher desk, bench or counter a perching stool is a good alternative to a drafting chair. It will be easier to get on and off (as it is lower than a drafting chair) and the knees don’t need to fit under the desk.

Perching is active! Unlike ‘normal’ sitting, when you perch, your leg, buttock, hip and core muscles all need to work. • It is very difficult to slump and slouch when perching. Most people when first sitting on a perching stool notice how easy it is to hold a perfect posture of the back and neck.

It can be the best type of sitting for people with back pain. Perching, with the thighs sloping downwards causes the pelvis and the lumbar spine (lower back) to be in a better, more neutral posture and lower intervertebral disc pressure. This can often result in improved back health and comfort.

Perching makes it easier for the arms to reach things as the hips and trunk can move more. This is the reason it is a position used in occupations such as laboratory work, sonography and hairdressing.

Workstation Ergonomics

Perching usually needs a higher than conventional desk. Depending on the perching stool and the preferred sitting height an extra 100 – 250mm desk height can be needed. Oploft desktop riser (see code 68PO8) moves from 30mm at desk level to 420mm and is a simple economical way to get extra height. The Ritehite Sit/Stand desk lets you not only achieve the correct personal height while perching but also allows for the extra height adjustment when you stand. The Ritehite electric Sit/Stand is ideal to meet these parameters.(see codes 69EF     )

If required, a ring to step up or use as a footrest is also an option. See below for codes for different models: The Chrome ring is an optional extra for the high strut usage

This model is;   Ordering Code         72EF6

Full range is

Ordering code   72EF6     Genie Stool adjustable tilt Fabric with Glides

Ordering code   72EF6X   Genie Stool adjustable tilt fabric with 2 lock castors

Ordering code   72EF6QV   Genie Stool Adjustable tilt Quick Grip Vinyl with glides

Ordering code   72EF6QVX   Genie Stool Adjustable tilt Quick Grip Vinyl with casters

Ordering Code   72PSV     Posturite Stool adjustable tilt vinyl

Ordering Code   72PSVX     Posturite Stool adjustable tilt vinyl with 2 lock castors

Ordering Code   Ring500   Foot ring Chrome 510m


Compatibility: The Genie and Quick grip seat pan tilt can be adjusted to suit up to 15 degrees forward. The Posturite (72PSV) has a short seat pan tilt with a locking handle if free flow not wanted.

Connectivity: To minimise movement, the stool comes with glides. Casters can be installed where it is required that the stool can roll. It is preferable still to have at least 2 locking casters to prevent roll when in use.

Fabric:     The standard fabric on the Genie is Quantum Black (a good quality, hard wearing polypropylene fabric). The Quick Grip model is hard wearing, slip free and soft foam. The Posturite is in black smooth vinyl to provide a better cleaning surface.

Width:   490 mm

Depth:    460 mm

Standard Height: 590 mm to 845 mm

Medium height Option:   530 mm to 715 mm

Stool gas lift heights in millimetres from floor to seat.

Brand                                                  Standard                               Mid                                      High

Genie stool                                         380 to 520                           480 to 680                           560 to 810

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