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Penguin Mouse USB Receiver (Dongle)

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Product Overview

Replacement dongle (USB receiver) for Penguin mice. Compatible with small, medium and large wireless Penguin mice, within the range of serial numbers below.

  • SM WL 131101501, SM WL 170106613 and SM WL 180100001 and higher
  • MD WL 140705808, MD WL 170113935 and MD WL 180100001 and higher
  • LG WL 140703882, LG WL 170109483 and LG WL 180100001 and higher
  1. Make sure your Penguin is charged. Ensure there is no fluff obstructing the laser on the base or there is any fluff between the buttons and scroll wheel. Turn off your computer and restart.
  2. Once the home screen appears and the startup screen has performed its initialization, turn the ON/OFF switch on the base of the Penguin to ‘OFF’.
  3. Plug the new dongle fully into a spare USB port. Your laptop or PC will find the new USB hardware and will install the related USB driver (Windows XP and newer versions will install the USB driver automatically. The dongle will keep transmitting matching information after it is installed correctly).
  4. Move the mouse close to the dongle (The distance between the mouse and dongle should not exceed 200 mm when matching is taking place, the closer the better). Turn the ON/OFF switch back to the ‘ON’ Position.
  5. Move the Penguin around whilst holding in the ‘bottom click’ and the ‘scroll wheel’ simultaneously. Hold the buttons in for 3 seconds at a time, ensuring you move the mouse during this time, and repeat until the cursor moves on screen. Pairing could happen a lot quicker. If no luck, try a different USB port.
  6. Matching or pairing should now be complete.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review