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Footrest Standard Ergonomic 450 mm x 350 mm Carpeted

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Product Overview

Ergonomic Standard size Footrest with carpet                 Order Code  73FTL

MAIN POINTS;   Manufactured to meet the New Zealand standard in size and adjustment. Fluteline Footrest has stood the test of time. Operator adjustable.

MORE INFORMATION:   A sturdy metal footrest it supports your legs to relieve pressure on the back and lower thighs. It consists of a strong metal framework, heavy duty non-slip ribbed carpet on the foot plate, and screw threaded feet for adjusting height and angle. Black powder coated matt finish.

Also see the curved model for corner desk situations (code 73FTCV)and the MDF High Teller (code 73FSH)for high seating in carpet and Vinyl for medical and lab areas (Code 73FMH). SPECIFICATIONS

Width:   450mm

Depth:   350mm

Height Adjustments front edge:   from 60mm to 130mm in increments of 20m.

Height Adjustment rear edge:    from 90mm to 160mm

Weight:   2 Kg

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review