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Contour A Shaped Keyboard with inbuilt Trackball mouse

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Product Overview

Contour "A" shaped Keyboard with inbuilt Trackball mouse.     Order code   22ACCONT

MAIN POINTS:  An ergonomic compact keyboard and Trackball mouse is a first.An “A” shaped (contour) natural keyboard with a built in trackball mouse. Meets the definition of a mini size keyboard. “A” shape directs the arms to the key pads in natural way. Ergonomic reverse tilt. Front wrist rest.

MORE INFORMATION:   The Contour keyboard is shaped to fit the natural position of your hands and fingertips and minimises RSI(OOS). Dynamic hand pronation with the option of reverse tilt by folding down front feet; split keys and sculpted design. The natural relaxed placement of the hands and the wide wrist rest are ideal for typing with a neutral wrist position. Low profile tactile keys with high life cycle membrane key mechanism gives excellent durability and feel

Introducing the added feature of an inbuilt high quality Trackball Mouse for all in one ergonomic solution which reduces shoulder abduction.


Compatibility: Mac.Osx.Linux, Windows 7,8,10

USB wired plug and play

Meets definition of compact size with US layout.

Integrated wrist pad shaped to keyboard integrated multimedia keys for Media player, volume control, Media control and playback, Email, Internet, calculator and PC lock. The windows keys function can also be locked, if required, by a simple shortcut.

Fold down front feet available for reverse tilt.

Integrated Trackball with left/right click bars

Warranty: 1 year

Width:       385 mm

Depth:       235 mm

Height:       36 mm at highest point.

Weight:     754 grams, in box 1.074 Kg

Trackball diameter: 20 mm

Cable length: 1700 mm

Bar code 5060055467642

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review