Castor Twin 50 mm Brake wheel 11 mm stem with circlip

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Twin wheel castor with brake lever.                 Order Code  CTWB5050-77

MAIN POINTS; The twin wheel construction provides easy and fast rotation. The sturdy hard nylon material gives easy glide movement over carpet and hard floors. The 50 mm wheel size is attractive and proven for office and home use. The Grip neck 11 mm stem with a circlip fits almost all the quality chairs made in New Zealand since 2000.

MORE INFORMATION   This model includes a brake lever which can be activated easily with the foot. Push down to lock the wheel and up to unlock. If you are working on a hard floor such as linoleum or wood we suggest you should avoid the risk of the chair rolling away by including at least 2 of these locking castors in your normal 5 star base. ( see Code CTW5050-77 for the standard Non lock model). Ooscare Ergonomics lists the castor as a single unit BUT recommends you look for wear and tear or damage to the other castors in the base. Buying in multiple lots will more efficiently amortise the forward and handling costs.

Definition of a Castor;   A castor is an undriven, single, double, or compound wheel that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object (the “vehicle”) so as to enable that object to be easily moved. They are available in various sizes, and are commonly made of rubber, plastic, nylon, aluminium, or stainless steel. The range is large. If you require other than the standard unit as above, please contact us.


Maximum Load:   30 Kg

Wheel Diameter:   50 mm

Mount Height   60 mm

Stem diameter   Grip neck 11 m with circlip

Foot Brake.

Overseas buyers please contact us as below for method of payment and any excess forward and handling cost.

Contact us at telephone within New Zealand 0800(OOSCARE) 667227 Overseas +64 4 4736620 

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