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 66° Semi vertical ergonomic mouse Right Hand                         Order  Code  20GTRM

Are you using your computer for more than 8 hours a day? Do your wrists feel terrible. The thing is, what they’re feeling is completely preventable with the right tools — namely a Vertical mouse.

MAIN POINTS;   The new Semi-Vertical Mouse at 66° angle; Adjustable weight options to suit you. This angle and the 70° R-Go HE Mouse provide users with a semi-vertical mousing angle that encourages a comfortable grip, provides a nice resting position for the hand, and enhances the user experience through great mousing precision. It creates a happy medium between the low slope Newtral ergonomic mouse at 24°-30° and the traditional Penguin vertical mouse that’s sloped between 85°-90.

MORE INFORMATION: Ideal Slope: 66° slope creates optimal comfort and hand/wrist positioning.

  • Flange Accessory: The detachable Ergo-Grip flange keeps the hypothenar pad off the work surface of the desk, allowing users to move the whole arm instead of just the wrist to control the mouse.
  • Easy to use: Easy click buttons and a scroll wheel allow for simple navigation. Also features convenient thumb press keys to easily page forward or page back.
  • Comfortable Texture: Anti-slip grips and rubberized coating provide maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable Weight Option: Four detachable 5g block weights, allowing users to adjust weight up to +/- 20 grams by adding or removing the weights.
  • Also available in left hand  (see code 20GTLM)


Compatibility:   Windows PC, Mac, and various flavors of LINUX without requiring 3rd party drivers. All six buttons on the mouse are programmable and can be programmed to a special function after installing the software using the link below. The software is unnecessary unless the user wants to customize the button functions. Without the software, the buttons work as specified.

Connectivity:Plug & Play USB 2.0

Warranty:   1 year

DPI settings:  1000 – 1500 – 2000 -2500

Width: 79.4 mm with flange attachment)

Length:   109.5 mm

Height:  82.6 mm

Weight: 130 Grams and 175 grams with flange attachments

Overseas buyers please contact us as below for method of payment and any excess forward and handling cost. 

Contact us at or telephone within New Zealand 0800(OOSCARE)667227 Overseas +64 4 4736620 

All prices shown exclude GST and delivery and prices may be subject to change without notice. 

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