R-Go "Heads-up" Laptop Stand Free standing adjustable black

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                                                                            R-Go Heads-Up Laptop Stand Free Standing                                                                                      Order Code  741RF 

MAIN POINTS;   Unique design, the R-Go Laptop Stand is THE ergonomic laptop stand. Lightweight aluminium laminated for strength you can set it at five different heights.

So compact it is perfect for home or office and is the easiest laptop stand to transport making it ideal for those on the move. Easy to use;

MORE INFORMATION:“It is physically impossible to use a laptop/i-pad ergonomically without the correct equipment.”

Do you suffer from headaches and sore necks? Are you bending forward when looking at your screen? Not good for your neck and back! Is your laptop/I Pad used by more than one person requiring multi adjusting?

Our heads are surprisingly heavy. A head weighs about 7% of our body weight. If you weigh 80KG your head will weigh between 5 and 5-1/2 Kg about the weight of a Bowling Ball. If your head is not balanced symmetrically over the body your neck muscles need to come into action to hold or move the head weight. Looking at your monitor may require your head to move to positions that do not allow your head to be symmetrical over your body

Your R-Go "Heads-up" laptop/i-Pad stand reduces eyestrain by allowing you to raise and lower the screen height and provide the angle adjustment to suit your focal length. It comes with an attractive carry bag to use when on the move.  

see also the R-Go "Heads-up" attachable model:     (Order Code 741RS)


Width:   210mm

Length:   265mm

Thick:   3mm

Weight:   159 grams

Aluminium; Pack is 270mm x 235mm x 10mm

Screen diagonal 10” to 22”

Height settings: when set to top edge, 140mm, 155mm, 175mm 195mm, 210mm,  

Capacity 5 Kg, 

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Contact us at sales@ooscare.co.nz or telephone within New Zealand 0800(OOSCARE)667227 Overseas +64 4 4736620 

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