R-Go "Heads-up" Duo Laptop Stand adjustable Black

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Unique "Heads-up"R-Go Riser Duo Tablet/laptop Stand Adjustable Black      Order Code  741RD 

A laptop on its own cannot be properly adjusted to the user, especially in terms of the height and distance from the screen and the operation of the mouse. This often results in a hunched posture, because the keyboard is stuck to the display. The weight of the head is not supported, but lifted by the neck and shoulder muscles, which can cause blood flow problems and pain. Research has shown that more than two hours of laptop usage per day (without tools) increases the risk of complaints significantly. Using a laptop stand ensures that you work with a healthy posture, because it lifts the screen at (or slightly below) eye level. This means the head is in a more natural position and the neck muscles are more relaxed. Separate input devices, such as a keyboard and mouse, are necessary for this.

R-Go Riser Duo is an ergonomic tablet and laptop stand in one. You can use the stand as a tablet stand with document holder or as a laptop stand. You can set the R-Go Riser Duo at 4 different heights. The document holder section can also be a lower position for equipment in its own write thus providing 8 positions in total. The unique metal and bonded flex material construction gives you a lightweight, easy to travel product which is sturdy and rigid in use.

  • Light and compact model that is easy to transport, it is ideal for flexible workers.
  • Extra adjustable in height, Easy to use,
  • R-Go Riser Duo is an ergonomic 2-in-1 stand with an unique design
  • Matt black finish to stop reflection.

 Specifications: 297mm long x 221mm wide x 5mm high Weight 5Kg      Accepts 10”-22” laptops

 When using a laptop, it is important to do so in a healthy way: 

  • Ensure a good seating posture.
  • Raise the screen.
  • Support the arms while typing. We recommend arm rests
  • Use a separate preferably Vertical mouse to reduce stress on the hand and wrist.
  • Regularly interrupt work with short breaks.

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