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PENGUIN Vertical Stick Mouse

Uniquely the same mouse for left and right hand in both wired and wireless

Now with Silver Seal Technology; Antimicrobial Product Protection Protected with Silver Seal, an antimicrobial, fungi static agent which makes the product greener and fresher by inhibiting the growth of microbes, odour-causing bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi on the product’s surface.             Perfect for hot desk situations 

The Penguin mouse is a breakthrough in the use of stick vertical mice. It uses the fingers rather than the thumb on the click buttons. To counter RSI problems, unique palm rest encourages movement of the FOREARM instead of the WRIST. Scroll wheel when pressed can lock or unlock to scroll. It is a stick mouse for left and right use and is ideal for switching hands throughout your day. The central “bow tie” switch allows easy transition from one hand to the other.

 Because it is ambidextrous it is the only vertical left hand wireless mouse available with built-in palm support.


Ergonomic slanted operating position is achieved with vertical use. Your hand can rest comfortably alongside the vertical grip without rubbing on the work surface. 3 sizes (see below). Wireless model can recharge while in use. Will track accurately on typical work surfaces.  Precision laser with 400, 600, 800, 1200 dpi settings. In wired and wireless.

 Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X. Plug & Play USB 2.0 Nominal Product size     Grip height       Grip width                Base plate (nominal) 


To get the right size of mouse for best fit, measure from the top of the middle finger to the crease where the wrist meets the hand; (see the blue line in the hand picture above).  If borderline go to the next size down.

Penguin Small         (0 to 160mm)     Penguin Medium   (160mm to 180mm)    Penguin Large          (180mm +) .

Dimensions of each size are;

 Small                       70mm                  42mm                   120mm Long x 95mm wide

 Medium                    80mm                  45mm                   140mm Long x 110mm wide

 Large                       90mm                  50mm                   152mm Long x 120mm wide

 Code   20PS          Penguin Small Wired                $148.00

 Code   20PSW      Penguin Small Wireless            $158.00

 Code   20PM         Penguin Medium Wired            $148.00

Code    20PMW     Penguin Medium Wireless        $158.00

Code    20PL         Penguin Large Wired                $148.00

Code    20PLW     Penguin Large Wireless            $158.00

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