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Variable split: Much more flexible than “natural-style” keyboards; no adaptation required. Select any opening between 0 and 30 degrees, a wider range than “natural-style” keyboards. By “splaying” the keyboard modules it positions your wrist and hand in a neutral posture greatly reducing ulnar deviation.

Adjustable lateral tilt: Select 8 or 14 degrees – offering almost twice the tilt of the natural keyboard. This allows users to minimize forearm muscle tension (pronation) without the pitfalls of excessive tilt.

Narrow footprint: Your mouse is right where you want it – not at arms-length! Even fully separated, the Maxim meets the “compact” criterion. In a typical split configuration, the Maxim keeps your mouse significantly closer than with any “natural-style” keyboard, reducing over-reach issues.

Removable palm supports: Comfortably padded to take the weight off your shoulders without hurting your hands and eliminating wrist extension. The pads and/or the palm supports (with pads) can be refurbished.

Quiet, tactile switches: Key switches provide a soft touch and positive feedback.

Flexibility in configuration: Adjustability allows the Maxim to conform to the user’s preferences. For dedicated number crunching an optional 10-key numeric pad is available and allows the user to position number section right or left.

Compatible operating systems; USB & PS/2 Systems: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

Key switch
Peak force: 45 grams, Activation force: 36 grams, Travel distance: 3.66 mm, Switch type: Rubber dome, membrane

Dimensions; Width: 385mm to 483mm when fully splayed. Depth 159mm without palm supports; 263mm with palm supports.Height: Min: 25.4mm; Max: 83mm when fully elevated to 14 degrees of tenting. Weight: 1.25Kg     Shipping weight: 1.8Kg. USB cable length: 1.83 metres

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