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Home Office Hybrid Worker Ergo Desk Starter Kit Upright Left hand wired

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Product Overview

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Upright Ergonomic desk Starter Kit Left hand wired                              Order Code  HOEUL

Starter Kit contains

1 only Upright mouse left hand wired  

1 only R-Go Compact Keyboard Wired

1 only Stacking Stand (set of 2)

MAIN POINTS;   Your most economical and easy way to ergonomise your home/office. The quick way to set up your desk with the basic ergonomic equipment.

MORE INFORMATION:   Upright is the vertical mouse at a sensible price which is one size fits all by altering the position of your hand.

The compact keyboard lets you mouse with the elbow closer to your body, the correct method.

The 2 stacking Lift it stands allows you to place your screen and/or laptop at 2 heights above the desk top to get a better line of sight.

Main Sizes    Pictures not to scale

Mouse:   56 mm high x 76 mm wide x 119 mm long

Keyboard:   285 mm wide x 120 mm deep x 15 mm high

Lift it:   305 mm wide x 200 mm deep x 45 mm high each stand.

Upright mouse is designed with a long grip to fit the majority of hand sizes.

Full range of Upright mouse kits:

Code                                                                   Description

HOEUL                  Upright mouse left hand wired,                 Mini keyboard wired     Crystal Lift-it

HOEUR                 Upright mouse right hand wired,               Mini keyboard wired     Crystal Lift-it

HOEURW             Upright mouse right hand wireless           ARK keyboard wireless Crystal Lift-it

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review