Heads-up Metal Laptop raiser

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“Heads-up” adjustable laptop and i-Pad stand

“It is physically impossible to use a laptop/i-pad ergonomically without the correct equipment.”

Do you suffer from headaches and sore necks? Are you bending forward when looking at your screen? Not good for your neck and back! Is your laptop/I Pad used by more than one person requiring multi adjusting?

Our heads are surprisingly heavy. A head weighs about 7% of our body weight. If you weigh 80KG your head will weigh between 5 and 5-1/2 Kg about the weight of a Bowling Ball. If your head is not balanced symmetrically over the body your neck muscles need to come into action to hold or move the head weight. Looking at your monitor may require your head to move to positions that do not allow your head to be symmetrical over your body.

That’s where Heads-up comes into its own. Heads-up easily lets you raise the screen section of your laptop/i-Pad to 9 different heights to better position your line of sight and allow you to sit up straighter and balance your “Bowling Ball.”

Lightweight and easy to carry Heads-up weighs 530grams measures 210mm x 210mm and will fold 11mm flat to fit into your carry bag. The smart design has a fold out ledge. The clever front fold out creates another 4 height positions giving a total of 9 height positions including 11mm when lying flat.  The platform centre is cut away to allow breathing.

How to use

Lift the plastic ledge, then the top plate to the correct line of sight without bending your neck and if desired the front leg. Reverse the sequence to fold down. The ledge clicks into the wire rod to fold completely away. It is important that the flap slots into both sides of the base before you place your Laptop/i-Pad. The screen should be at approximately arms length to provide a suitable focal length and the top of the screen should be in horizontal line of sight. If typing or mousing for a long period we recommend an independent mouse and keyboard be plugged into the laptop (we can recommend compact units to suit) and placed on the work surface so that your hands and wrists are straight with your elbows by your side and above desk height.

Your Heads-up laptop/i-Pad stand reduces eyestrain by allowing you to raise and lower the screen height and provide the angle adjustment to suit your focal length. The travel unit comes with an attractive carry bag to use when on the move.

Contact us at sales@ooscare.co.nz or telephone within New Zealand 0800(OOSCARE)667227 Overseas 0064 4 4736620


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