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If you could nominate two devices currently sitting on your desktop as “Most Likely to Cause Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI),” and you answered, “keyboard” and “mouse,” you hit that nail right on the head. That’s why at OOSCARE we’re on a mission to create the best customised ergonomic products on the market, so that we can help workforces reduce pain and increase productivity. Regular mice lead to pronation, a hand position that is unnatural and puts pressure on your wrist, fingers, elbows, and even your neck. Most mice offer little to no support.

To make matters worse, clicking is an act that requires precision, which in turn creates even more strain to maintain. Add in the tasks of gripping and lifting, and you’ve gone from a less than ideal situation to a terrible one.

If it’s support you’re looking for, the Newtral Mouse offers more than you could ever dream of. Unlike standard mice, the Newtral Mouse is entirely customised, offering 3 interchangeable gripping options to suit your unique needs.

Each grip type targets a different gripping style or mousing task, offering solutions targeted toward: Precision Grip; a Balance Grip; or Ergo-Grip (full hand/wrist support, including a gel cushion).

All grips are entirely neutral, so you won’t put strain on your wrist, fingers, or forearm. The mouse is available in two different sizes, and. smooth grooves make for easy lifting. A well-placed button means

6 programmable buttons allow you to customize how you navigate. Plug and play technology - just connect through your USB cable, and you’ll be able to take advantage of this mouse’s 4000 DPI precision (wired version

Choose the size mouse for you:

To get the right size of mouse for best fit, measure from the top of the middle finger to the crease where the wrist meets the hand; (see the blue line in the hand picture):   Small/medium size for up to 180mm; Large Size for over 180mm. If borderline try the smaller size

Product size:  This is Large wired model Code 20GNL

Medium/small 88mm wide x 91mm deep x 80mm high:                   Large 94mm wide x 98mm deep x 90mm high:

Specifications wired;       Warranty 2 years; Plug and play for basic installation, CD included to customise the 6 button function.

Medium size 84mm wide x 158mm deep x 20 to 54mm high:                              Large size 95mm wide x 166mm deep x 25 to 57mm high.

Cord 2 metres: DPI 250-4000: 6 Buttons: Compatibility; PC; windows 8 and 7, Vista 2000, XP: Mac OS9, OSX (10.2.8 or later)

Wireless: as for wired and/or 2.4 GHz: range 10 Metres: Resolution 1000, 1500, 2000 DPI:

Overseas buyers please contact us as below for method of payment and any excess forward and handling cost.

Contact us at or telephone within New Zealand 0800(OOSCARE)667227 Overseas +64 4 4736620 

All prices shown exclude GST and delivery and prices may be subject to change without notice. 

Office Ergonomics since 1985 from the specialists at Ooscare Ergonomics.


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