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 A great and unique Christmas gift with occupational health benefits

Home/Office Desktop Gift ergonomic package.

At Big Saving prices

“It is physically impossible to use a laptop/i-pad ergonomically without the correct equipment.”

To limit the risk of neck and shoulder pain, it is vital that you’re able to adjust the height, angle and distance of your computer monitor. Ideally the screen should sit directly in front of you at a correct focal length approximately arm’s length, with your eyes level with the top of the glassscreen. This allows you to view the entire screen without dropping your chin, slumping, or twisting your neck - movements that can over time cause serious injuries.

Getting your laptop/i-pad to the correct height, with our unique Lift-it lock stand, and focal length provides you with opportunity to use a separate mouse and keyboard. To make it easy to order and let you choose what suits you best we have assembled 2 ergonomic laptop packages. This one is for Home/Office. For travel pack search code "GIFTTE...."

The hand chart as shown above will let you select the size of Penguin mouse for your hand size.

If the blue line is over 180mm        This is your size                   Order Code is GIFTHO18L


Also available in small and medium sizes.

If the blue line is between 160mm and 180mm                                Order Code is GIFTHO18M

If the blue line is below 160mm                                                         Order Code is GIFTHO18S

If your measurement is on or close to the next size up                  Order the Lower Size

 Overseas buyers please contact us as below for method of payment and any excess forward and handling cost. 

GIFTHO18S                        Consists of             1 only Posturite Keyboard with slide out numeric section                       $137.00 

                                                                            1 only Penguin mouse wired large                                                               $148.00

                                                                            1 only Lift-it stand set of 2                                                                              $88.00

                                                                                                                                              Normal price                  $373.00


                                    Special Gift Package Price                  Code GIFTHO18L                 $299.00 

All prices shown exclude GST and delivery and prices may be subject to change without notice. 

Office Ergonomics since 1985 from the specialists at Ooscare Ergonomics. 


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