OOScare Workplace Assessment

An individual report resulting from the audit is part of the assessment. Audits are conducted by accredited OOScare staff involved in the field of ergonomics. OOScare workplace assessments are designed to be a preliminary indicator as to the potential for functionality and productivity improvement in the workplace. The questionnaire used gives an efficient basic audit of the individual workplace and works within the guidelines set down by the "Department of Labour, Code of Practice 1993 for VDU workstations." The final report with any recommendations assesses the responses given by the relevant staff member. After an initial assessment any alteration to an individual workplace environment or after a time lapse of, say, two years, a re-assessment is recommended.
Please contact us on 0800 OOSCARE (0800 667 2273) or info@ooscare.co.nz for prices and appointments. Any assessment outside greater Wellington may be subject to number of personnel to be assessed.